Amusing Hunter Short Hand Notes

This was sent to me by a friend. Some Hunter Judge’s Shorthand.Hunter Judge short Hand
Creative Commons License photo credit: queered

IHOP(International House Of Pancakes)
A horse that jumps as flat as a pancake

CIA(Chair in the air)
Rider is Left behind over a jump

TYT(take your time)
A rider who takes a leisurely tour of the ring before first jump

VGR(very good rider)
A mediocre horse piloted by excellent rider

Poor mover with lots of knee movement

HP(Hunt Print)
A rider badly left behind over a jump(as often seen in old- fashioned hunt prints)

N/S N/S(no stride, no scope)

A frightening jump that had both the judge and rider gaspingHunter judge short hand, hunter judge notes,
Creative Commons License photo credit: gafiretrucks

GGH(gave me a grey hair)
A scary round that made judge worried for horse and/or rider

VP(valet parking)
too deep to the jump

DOA(dead on arrival)
Chipped the first jump

PS(power steering)
rider not steering properly, does not jump middle of jump

WR(wrong ring)
horse better suited for jumper ring

HA(hideous attire)hunter judge notes, hunter judge canada, hunter judge USA,
Creative Commons License photo credit: 416style

NNR(needs new rider)

NNT(needs new trainer)
a rider whose trainer is yelling from gate

R@G(run and gun)
A rider who sees a distance to late and then makes the big move

NAPP(not a pretty picture)
horse/rider don’t look good together

OOC(out of control)

Cargometro & 6004 Takargo Castellbisbal
Creative Commons License photo credit: eldelinuxLFT(late for train)
horse is running or is too strong

MAP(roadmap)rider took creative path to jump

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