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How to Market Your Horse Business.   

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Professional Equine Grooms   

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Professional Equine Grooms


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Horse Resource Network    

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Horse Resource Network

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  • “Horse Resource Network (HRN) is an online community dedicated to helping people buy and sell horses and market related products and services.”



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Pixel Graphix Design

Carolynne Smith of Pixel Graphix Design

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  1. Just launched! An online horse show management program. After having a rough time volunteering for show entries last year, I contacted the programmer for Best Attendance. We adapted the software for use at small horse shows. It’s inexpensive and very easy to use both for setting up a show and running it. A rider can check their class progress and placings from the horse trailer. Gatekeeper and announcer can receive immediate updates from an online computer, iPad or Smart Phone. There are many great features too numerous to list here.

  2. Hi:
    I just found your website, and think it is great, could I link and backlink to your website?
    I think we are very cooperative websites.
    Look forward to working with you,
    Jenny Paisley

    P.S I am just starting to publish my books on Kindle
    The first one is “Show Hunter Judges Reference Guide”.
    I also have a FarmTek cheat sheet for running Jumper timer.
    Merry Christmas!!

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