Top 7 Ways Riders Interfere With Their Horses and How to Train Riders Not to Interfere

How Do Riders Interfere?

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Riders Can Practice Their Equitation over Gymnastic fences

Riders interfere by not staying with the horse and becoming unbalanced. This includes any of the following:

  1. Getting left behind
  2. Getting ahead
  3. Ducking the body forward
  4. Leaning to one side
  5. Pinching with knees and swinging with the legs
  6. No release/pulling on the mouth
  7. Balancing on the reins
  8. Others

It is the rider’s responsibility to stay in balance with the horse and not interfere with the horse by staying still. Horses jump better if riders stay still and find an even rhythm to a steady distance every time.

To help riders achieve this, gymnastic jumping is used. Gymnastics develop the rider’s base of support through repetition. By setting up jumps in a regulated way, instructors, coaches and trainers take out the guess work of where the horse will take off and thus allow riders to practice proper riding techniques without having to get the horse to the correct spot each time.


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The Classic Gymnastic, Cross rail, vertical Oxer


Riders get to feel all aspects of the horses jump. The approach, preparation, lift off, flight, landing and recovery stages of the jump.

Gymnastic jumping removes the variable of the take off spot. Every time the same effort is repeated and the horse will takeoff from the same distance from the fence. This way the rider can concentrate on their:

  • Position
  • Balance
  • Timing
  • Straightness
  • Feel
  • Feel
  • Confidence.

In addition it has great benefits for your horse. It can:

  • Help strengthen the horse
  • Teach the horse to use himself correctly. Correct bascules and accurate take off spots.
  • Teach the horse to be more agile and pick up its front and hind legs, tidier front ends and better self carriage.
  • Give the horse confidence.


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