Improve your Horse’s Form Over Fences – Top 3 Reasons to Use Gymnasitc Jumping to Improve Your Horse’s Form Over Fences

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Gymnastic Jumps can help improve your horses form over fences

Gymnastic jumps are a series of poles and obstacles set at certain distances to allow horses and riders to develop their ability and form over fences. By using poles and jumps at set distances riders can develop their form, balance, position, strength, feel, balance, straightness and suppleness.

Gymnastic jumping is a challenge for beginner riders and advanced horsemen and can be a systematic way to develop a green horse into a grand prix contender.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Gymnastic Jumping To Improve Your Horse’s Form

  1. When jumping on course, whether you are riding a hunter, jumper, equitation o
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    Gymnastic Jumps can be used to improve equitation over fences

    r event course, the course will ask questions. Technical questions, speed questions, agility questions and power questions. By performing a systematic development through gymnastics, most questions that a course will ask have been investigated, developed and performed thus allowing the horse and rider the confidence to answer the question that the course asks.

  2. When asked to do movesthat require agility and timing, such as
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    Riders Can Practice Their Equitation over Gymnastic fences

    those found in combinations, or jumping maximum height obstacles, all of these can be developed through a gymnastic.

  3. Equitation riders can improve their own skills by riding through gymnastics. When riders move around too much they interfere with the horse and its ability to get the job done. Riders must learn to stay in balance with the horse and not interfere.

Want to know the most popular gymnastic exercises? Stay tuned to learn how to set up and ride through your gymnastic.



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