What the Judge is Looking For – Two Point Position

What the judge is looking for, two point position, hunter judge, hunter jumper, hunter judge canada, hunter judge usa, perfect two pointWhen you are in a hunter jumper class your two point position is critical. A pleasing appearance is crucial and having an effective position is important. It is equally important in an equitation class as a hunter over fences class.

What the Judge is Looking For

Avoid drawing attention to yourself by moving from a 3 point position to two-point during the round. Get in a balanced 2-point and stay there. Establish your position during the introductory circle (if it is necessary to have one) and stay there. Moving between your 3 point and 2 point contact draws attention to your body and makes it look like your horse requires more work to ride than is necessary. A still upper body allows the judge to focus on the horse’s movement and allows the horse to jump better.

Worse are the riders that pump with their upper bodies. Avoid swinging and using your upper body, instead, use your legs to activate the horse. At home teach your horse that your legs mean go forward. By keeping your upper body still it will give your round and effortless flow that the judges like to see.

~ TIP ~ Keep your upper body still so the judge can concentrate on your horse.

The Perfect Two Point Position

In the hunter jumper ring the show ring hunter must jump cleanly and in good form. In order to jump its best the show ring hunter must use him/herself and jump in good form. If the rider is in balance, then the horse will jump better and be able to round his/back, pick up its knees and bascule over thetwo point position, hunter jumper, hunter judge, what the judge is looking for
Creative Commons License photo credit: Peter McCarthy fence.

The perfect 2 point should be:

  • In balance over your leg with your heels down. Your two point should be maintained by balance and not by leaning on the saddle or  balancing on the reins.
  • Stirrups slightly shorter. The bottom of the stirrup iron should be at the top of your ankle bone.
  • Back straight. That is neither roached/rounded or arched.

~ TIP ~ To help get your leg stronger for two point position incorporate 5 minutes of straight 2 point into your training session.

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  1. lily poosh says:

    so your lower leg should be at the girth sqeezing hands foward but not too foward with your butt a few inches out of the saddle with good posture and let the horse do the rest of the work?

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