Hunter Jumper Shows – Do you want to show?

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Showing your horse can be a rewarding experience

If you have ever thought of taking your horse to a horse show you should remember that you will get out of the experience what you put into it. If you what to have it be a positive rewarding experience then you must commit to putting some time into the preparation of your horse and learning what is required at a show.

If you are not experienced at showing or are learning the ropes about showing then consider going as a spectator to a few horse shows to familiarize yourself with the show. Here you will be able to watch and learn what the competitors, judges and stewards do. 

Finding a Horse Show

If you don’t know where a horse show is, consider contacting:

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Hunter Under Saddle should have a smooth ground covering stride

  • Local equestrian organization
  • Nearby riding or boarding stable
  •  Community tack shop

They will be able to assist you in finding an appropriate show for you to watch.

Entering a Horse Show

If you have never entered a horse show before your first show can be a daunting experience. First thing you should do is discuss the possibility of going to a show with your coach or trainer. They will be able to assist you in deciding which classes to enter.

Local shows, training shows and in house schooling shows are a great place to start because they require little or no travel costs and the entry fees are somewhat lower than sanctioned shows. 

Find the phone number, email and contact information for the horse show secretary and get the particulars for the horse show. A prize list describing the classes, divisions and requirements for the classes will be outlined in the prize list and entry form.

Choosing Classes

For people who are new to showing choosing the correct class may be difficult. Do not be shy about asking for assistance and identifying your concerns regarding which classes you should be participating in. Your coach, trainer or experienced horse person should be able to guide you into the correct class.

When entering make sure the following things are put correctly on the entry form.

  1. Your name – Printed legibly in block letters. Scrawling handwriting can change Katey Smith to Kuleg Sulth so if you want your name pronounced correctly over the loud speaker write neatly.
  2. Your horse’s name
  3. Correct payment – Have a cheque made out to the correct amount to the correct person or organization.
  4. Proper proof of vaccinations and other veterinary certificates.
  5. Up-to –date memberships to the required horse related associations. 

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